The following are suggestions intended to help you enjoy aromatherapy safely.

  • Never use essential oils in large dosages. Many aroma therapists blend by percentage; however, the maximum combined amount an untrained person should use for a full body massage 2% essential oil (6 drops in 10 mL of carrier oil like jojoba ). . Remember more is not necessarily better.

  • Children and pets work better with hydrosols of essential oil.  Do not use essential oils on an infant.

  • Generally, you do not put essential oil undiluted on the skin unless you are aware of your sensitivity and the safety concerns of the individual essential oil. It is wise to always use essential oils diluted in a carrier oil or cream.

  • Always ensure the label of the essential oil container states what is in the bottle and if necessary, get directions on how to use the oil safely.

  • Ingestion can and will cause serious health issues

  • Always keep essential oils out of the reach of children. Children have ingested essentials oils and been poisoned as a result.

  • Never use essential oils in place of seeking medical advice. Use essential oils tocomplement a physician’s care.

  • If you are ill or wish to use essential oils to help a condition, seek the advice of a certified and experienced aroma therapist. Do not trust that a practitioner of some other therapeutic modality is trained in aromatherapy. Many professionals use essential oils without adequate training. Ask!

  • Essential oils should be stored in a dark or shaded area out of direct sunlight or spot lamps and away from heat.

  •  If in doubt, seek the advice of a properly trained aroma therapist recognized by your aromatherapy association or governing body.    Do not hesitate to inquire where they took their training.  
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