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September 20/ 2018
Alycia Olsen

Was anything unclear about the course?:
Overall, no
But some questions in the quizzes were a bit unclear, and I believe could have been worded a bit differently for better understanding.

Did any concept remain unclear to you?:

What did you find most helpful?:
The 2 diagrams/pictures with all of the acupressure points and all of the examples of which oils to use with what conditions.
It was also very helpful that Laurie answered all of my questions and emails back extremely quickly.

Do you have suggestions?:

Would you be interested in returning to do another seminar?:
Yes! I’ll definitely be coming back to take some more courses.
The online aspect is extremely convenient and works perfect for me as I run a full time business and have a toddler.

Is there anything I could have done ahead of time to have made your day more successful?:
All was done perfectly.

Additional comments:
It was great that I was able to complete it all at my own pace and didn’t feel stressed out and rushed. -so I was able to actually enjoy the whole course, every step of the way.

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