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Acupressure | Essential Oils
(Aroma points therapies workshop)
September 15, 2019

I thought the course was very helpful with the information you gave us for aromatherapy. The acupressure I have already taken. The cold and flu points was helpful and I learned from it and thank you for the clarification after the workshop as well.
You are very knowledgeable.
Gwenn Van Riel. - MTAA member, RMT
Aroma points therapies Workshop -
September 15, 2019

Thank you for sending all the essential oils informations. It is awesome!120

phone: 780 935 1201

Julie Kereluik, MTAA - Student 2019
How I will use my Aromatherapy Certificate
August 8, 2019

Someone once asked me what I would do with an Aromatherapy Certificate, what do I want out of my course? What is my ultimate dream? I didn’t really have an answer at the time...but as time went by and I thought long and hard, my ultimate dream is to open my own aromatherapy store, selling essential oils and products with essential oils. But in the meantime, this is what I would do with my certificate….

Since I have been using essential oils for my own personal use, and found that they work better than prescription medication or over the counter medication for different ailments, and I found that one essential oil, has many benefits for different conditions, I would like to spread the word and help others reap the benefits of essential oils.

I have started to make some of my own products with essential oils and started selling them at school events and fundraisers for my children, but when asked why I used a certain oil, my answer has always been because of scent, not really understanding what the meaning behind the oil was, now that I have taken the course I can proudly and honestly state the full benefits of some oils, there are still a lot to learn about essential oils, but this course has given me the confidence to know what I am talking about. I will carry my certificate with me proudly and spread the word about the benefits of essential oils.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities out there so spread the word and work for aromatherapists but not many people take advantage of essential oils and aromatherapists. I want people to learn and use what I have learned throughout the aromatherapy course, and not be afraid of essential oils. I want people to give essential oils at least one try, and maybe they will never look back and start using the essential oils, like me or maybe they decide that essential oils are not for them. I do want to get the word out about the work we as aromatherapists can do, we can work with your health care professional and find the right products for you. As I stated above, my ultimate dream is to open an aromatherapy store, and spread the work of natural wellness and essential oils, and to share my knowledge.

Thank you,

Manjinder (Mandy) Kharod
Manjinder (Mandy) Kharod
April 18, 2019
Aromatherapy Certificate online|workshop
10 years as a RMT therapist

The course is better than I expected - it is all about a holistic healing approach using Acupressure information with aromatic medicine.
I enjoy the teacher's company.
And, I would recommend anyone to take this course.
Lots of amazing information to put into my massage therapy practice as well as my everyday life.

Edmonton, Alberta
cell 780 977 6084
Renee Bonin, RMT,
May 4 ,2019

Good Morning

I wanted to say thank you, you truly are an amazing teacher, the fact that you went above and beyond so I could understand more. You are an amazing human being.
You made a big difference in my understand the course material for Aromatherapy certificate. And seeing my passion and helping me through it. I am really touched! Tammy Lee Chadney from Canal Flats, B.C. Canada
Tammy Lee Chadney

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