Aroma 301/ Aroma 401

Aroma 301/ Aroma 401
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Aroma 301 / Aroma 401 

1. Measurements and dilution - calculating costs, dilutions 
2. Carriers: what is a carrier, characteristics of oil, choosing a carrier, base oil, lotions, ingredients of lotions, making your own lotions
3.  Essential oil safety the importance of studying essential oil safety, individual reactions, scientific testing, factos that affect safety and more, methods of application 
4. Hydrotherapy, inhalation
5. Children, the Elderly and clients with senitive skin
6. High blood pressure, potential toxicity, photosenitization, essential oil and drug interaction
7. Purity and freshness 
8. Managing Skin irrittion and sensitization with clients
9.  Blending: blending for fragrance, top middle and bottom blending, therapeutic blending, synergy, blending by chemistry, blending by plant part
10. Establishing a basic set of esential oils, essential oils to suit your practice or purposes
11. Aromatherapy Consultation: skin sensitivity, allergies, medication, stress levels and emotional issues, scent preference, 30  case history, guidelines for  oil selection
12. Client issue: stress effects of stress, managing stress alleviating the symptoms, reducing stress levels, specific problems related to stress, insomnia, chronic pain, emotional issues. 
13. Musculoskeletal system common problems, levels of inflammation, sudden injuries, strains, sprains and dislocation, overuse injuries, friction and chronic inflammation, low back pain. hypertonic muscles, tension headaches
14. Arthritis: gout, scleroderma, osteorthritis, fibromyalgia, cramps and spasms.
15.  more..

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