Aromatherapy and Cancer Treatment

Aromatherapy has an amazing ability to help the body heal.  

Many people are now looking for a natural way to cope with the side effects of cancer treatments that at times can be debilitating.
Side effects of treatment can include depression,anxiety, nausea and loss of appetite, fatigue etc.  All of the systmes can be lessened if not totally alleviated by the effective use of synergistic essential oils blends.

 In this workshop we will discuss the most effective essntial oils to use in blends before, during and after cancer treatments.  The focus will be on building, supporting and strengthening the immune, digestive and nervous systems while targeting the side effects of cancer treatments with the effective use of specific essential oils. 

Participants will create a cream aromatherapy blend for nausea and stomach discomfort to take with them. Much of knowledge shared in this class can also be applied to a multitude of other health related issues. 

Cancer touches all of our lives.  Here is an opportunity to make a positive difference in your life or for those you love and care about. 

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