Aromapoints therapy online

Aromapoints therapy online
Aroma Point Therapy 
This course is designed for all holistic Bodyworkers including Reflexologists, Reiki Practitioners, Energy workers, Aromatherapists, Yoga Instructors, Occupational therapists, Hospice workers, Physical therapists and Acupuncturists

Aroma Point Therapy is an innovative, gentle hands-on method of treatment that allies the potency of essential oils with key acupoints in order to create potent changes in the body, mind and emotions. Utilizing light pressure with properly diluted essential oils on specific points can dramatically enhance your healing arts practice.
  • Discover how to effectively treat the most common conditions that present today
  • Learn essential safety information for incorporating oils into your practice
  • Gain access to empowering energetic insight and understandings on the most important essential oils for our times 
  • Discover an assessment model that helps bridge your logical and intuitive ways of knowing; fostering confidence in your work and offerings

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