Aroma-points therapy

Aromapoint therapy
 Workshops or online 
Aroma Point Therapy 
This course is designed for all holistic Bodyworkers including Reflexologists, Reiki Practitioners, Energy workers, Aromatherapists, Yoga Instructors, Occupational therapists, Hospice workers, Physical therapists and Acupuncturists

Aroma Point Therapy is an innovative, gentle hands-on method of treatment that allies the potency of essential oils with key acupoints in order to create potent changes in the body, mind and emotions. Utilizing light pressure with properly diluted essential oils on specific points can dramatically enhance your healing arts practice.

AromaPoints therapy workshop or online 

  1. You will learn:

  2. Points videos from Cindy Black L.Ac, LMT acupuncturist.

  3. Laurie Niles, aromatherapist and Sherry Ogg, RMT

  4. Introduction to Aromatherapy 101 (6 quiz) e-book

  5. Aroma Points therapies e-book

  6. Carpal Tunnel, fibromylogia ,Frozen shoulder, meridians and points, essential oils - Lung meridian for Fall Qi 

  7. Q & A

Phone:  587 590 4188

When: 1.November 8,2019
           2. November 15, 2019
           3. November 22, 2019
E-books: Aroma 101 e-book 
E-book Acupressure | Meridians | Essential oils

: $59.99 +(GST) online ; $157.50 (GST) in person

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Mobile : 587 590 4188 

: Laurie Niles, Aroma therapist, NHPC , MTAA, NHPC credit courses  INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Ogg, RMT, BGS, GCFT; NHPC MEMBER in person

5 credits NHPC; 4 online  credits CMMATO; 3 CMMATO online | MTAA online 5.75