Alberta Aromatherapy Institute

Alberta Aromatherapy Institute

Much of a subtle energy session involves working with the individual energy centers with intent to bring them into balance. Imbalances in the energy centers may be due to too much energy (congestion) or too little energy (constriction).

Essential oils and hands-on subtle energy techniques restore harmony and balance in energy centers by meeting them and vibrating at the center's healthiest frequency.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Based on their natural biochemical make-up, they all affect us differently. Every biochemical make-up has different therapeutic properties. For instances, Azulene is a natural compound found in German/Blue Chamomile which has a powerful anti-inflammatory property and it's due to the high Azulene content in this oil that makes German Chamomile a beautiful blue in color.

A Clove oil contains a large amount of eugenol - a well-known analgesic (pain-relieving).

Some dental surgeons use medicated strips that have been soaked in eugenol for dry sockets to help reduce the nerve pain when wisdom teeth have been pulled. In this case, the eugenol has been extracted from the whole Clove oil, making it highly concentrated.