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What is Aromatherapy? How do essential oils affect our body? How do I use aromatherapy safely? These are the questions that come to us daily.

Well, I was fortunate to start my aroma studies pursuits in 1994 with these questions in mind with a clinic to practice in called Self Heal Herbal Centre in Edmonton.

The professionals at the Self Heal Herbal Centre clinic consisted of naturopath Dr. R. Pearman, Herbalist R. Rogers, BSc and a self-taught aroma therapist Laurie Rogers. Robert Rogers now a Grant McEwan instructor practiced his skills and knowledge with weekly herbal| aromatherapy classes to the public while I worked for him. It was a unique shop with a purpose to help clients start their self-care journey for a lifetime. And that is exactly how my employment and self-care program started in 1994 – it was an amazing new world for me. And my questions were answered and many more are asked even today in 2017!

By 2003, my need to learn more about aroma therapy started my global two-year research. So, I graduated July 2006 from an Aromatherapy program offered from WCIA (B.C). Bev is the owner of WCIA and was on the boards of BCAPA and BCAOA from the beginning for ten years while I stepped into this history in 2004 here in Alberta I was exploring the wonders of aromas and felt I was in good hands to learn from her knowledge. Metro Continuing Education became the next step to learn how to do workshops so after 33 hours of classes I had a basis to start teaching adults the wonders of nature’s gifts.

By 2007, Alberta Aromatherapy was a recognized school with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) and by 2015 we created continuing education courses called Aroma & Acupressure therapy for four conditions that massage therapists face in their practice (fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, TMJ and frozen shoulder. This has helped bridge the gap and uplifted many practitioners to the possibilities…

Today, as a full time teacher and owner of Alberta Aromatherapy Institute in 2017, and Membership with BCAPA (British Columbia Association of Practitioner Aroma therapist ) and Membership with NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada), MTAA membership we plan to continue to create more Acupressure courses & Essential oils for continuing education for NHPC| RMTA|MTAA today we offer an Aromatherapy Program 690 hours and courses for Aroma & Acupressure therapy for aroma 101 to aroma 401.

Lauren F. Niles, Aroma therapist

Warm Regards,
Lauren F. Niles, Aroma therapist