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Much of a subtle energy session involves working with the individual energy centers with intent to bring them into balance. Imbalances in the energy centers may be due to too much energy (congestion), or too little energy (constriction).

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Essential oils and hands on subtle energy techniques restore harmony and balance to energy centers by coming into contact with them and vibrating at the center's healthiest frequency.

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A long overdue introduction from Alberta Aromatherapy Institute owner. In 2006, I graduated the registered aroma therapist curriculum course for essential oil therapist (EOT)

Although, I was fortunate to start my aroma studies pursuits in 1994 with a clinic called Self Heal Herbal Centre on the Southside of Edmonton. The professionals at the clinic consisted of naturopath Dr. R. Pearman;, Herbalist R. Rogers, BSc and a self-taught aroma therapist. It was a unique shop with a purpose to help clients start their self-care journey for a lifetime. And that is exactly how my employment and serious self-care program started in 1994... read more